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Where To Find The Time

We all have this problem, too little time, not enough time.

One thing we all have in common is how short we are on time. Be it not spending time with family and friends who we love, to not having enough hours in the day to get the jobs we need to do done!

This is the start of a short series of 5 blog posts, dedicated to help you finding those extra few minutes in every day. Because let’s face it in business, who has the time to fully immerse themselves in reading pages and pages when running a business, whilst also maintaining a family life and maybe even having another job.

This first one of this five mini series is about mindset…

Without getting your mind in the right place to change and achieve, any other procedures you put in place will ultimately come at a cost… failure. So here’s some ways to train your mind to give you back time…

Figure out your mind using the 3 C’s

How can you expect to use your time wisely is your mind is all jumbled? Hopping from job to job, or procrastinating how to even start a job, are all real time suckers. Therefore invest in your mind and that extra time you are longing to have, will be there there with you every day.

Clear, Concise and Confidence

C-CLEAR – Write down or ‘mind dump’ ideas down to clear your mind. This will fully allow your mind to focus on the to-do tasks. I put mine in a journal but I also use Trello, as I can easily come back to these ideas when I have the time to explore. Plus having Trello on my phone is great to jot down when I am out and about, or don’t have my diary to hand.

Do you know many of the top earners, leaders and performers have also implemented a journal… Albert Einstein amassed more than 80,000 pages of notes in his lifetime. Former president John Adams kept over 51 journals throughout his life. Oprah Winfrey does the same; she starts each day with her gratitude journal, noting five things for which she’s thankful.

C-CONCISE – You have to re-train your mind to be concise, double down on the time you do have. Imagine if you only had 4 hours to do the work instead of 8. Or you had 15 minutes for a meeting instead of an hour, you could guarantee that within those 15 minutes you had discussed everything you would have in an hour. Yes, maybe you wouldn’t have gone into so much depth, but the key areas you have discussed are known and now you have more time (as you’ve saved 45 minutes) to rectify problems, change strategies etc.

Be concise with your time, even imagine you are going to prison tomorrow/ or on holiday, whichever makes you feel like… woah I NEED to get this done.

C – CONFIDENCE – This is a mindset that is easy for some, but takes a lot of training for others. If you believe you will achieve! Along the way of running a business, or being in any job, we have all had times when we lose our path to success. Whether our obstacles are money, resources or time. Allowing ourselves to halt for these things are never going to make you progress or increase your confidence. Instead we need to let these things surrender to us.

I have a small glass jar in my bathroom, I use it when I brush my teeth and inside there are little wrapped notes of who I want to be, where I want my life to be etc. I read one, then close my eyes and imagine I am my future self. This little confidence booster allows me to walk into each day thinking I can do this. Many sports stars have this and go on to win huge tournaments, (Muhammad Ali). Having that bit of extra confidence, will give you your time back as you will suffocate the feelings of Can I? Should I? What if? And they will be replaced by many positive thoughts… I can’t fail so how much can I achieve?

Now our minds are on a better track to success, in my next blog post I will talk about habits and where how to improve the smallest ones to give back our time.