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How to make money with little time

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Friends, family and new DM’s, ask me this. They may ask it in different ways, but it all comes down to the same question.

How can I make money quick? I need to raise $xxxx, any ideas how to? You get the picture. In this world where some of us are money poor, others are time poor. What do I mean by that? Time really is the only factor you need in life to succeed. If you all the money in the world, but no time to spend it = you’re time poor!

Spending more time in your business isn’t always the best way for it to prosper. You only have so many hours in a day, you can only achieve so many things. This is where you can make money but with less time you give to it. If you hire out/outsource you can make money 6 fold or 10 fold, depends on how many things you outsource or the number of people you outsource to.

Imagine now, you have tons to do but it’s bedtime, you have just pulled another 15 hour day, and there’s no more caffeine you could intake to make those eye lids prop open or refresh an already fried brain.  This is where you hire out someone to help, if they are in a different time zone even better sometimes, as they are working on your tasks whilst you sleep.

Now imagine, you have just worked a long day, you email your assistant to help out, you go to bed, wake up and then works done for you! Now this is where you can make more money in less time, you can focus on different tasks that are your money makers. You know what I mean, the key things that drive your business to make money, or even you do the things you love most in your business whilst someone else does the tasks you dread or are time poor to do.

Make the most of your time, but more importantly enjoy what you are doing with your time.

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