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Facebook Pixel Update & Changes You Need To Do

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??We have recently received an announcement from Facebook, that advertisers will begin receiving emails on Friday, alerting them about the new first-party cookie option for the Facebook Pixel, which will go into effect on 24th October.

So whats been going on

The Facebook has been a pain for many businesses and marketers, from setting it up to actually tracking and using it in marketing campaigns. However, this should be easier from the end of this month.

Previously the Facebook pixel relied only on third party cookies to track users activity but some browsers like Safari and Firefox, have been making changes to block these third-party cookies. This therefore, decreased the effectiveness of re-marketing efforts by businesses. Advertisers will now be able to use this data to measure and optimise their campaigns on the social network.

Browsers and the new Pixel

The new tool will help marketers better access data from Apple’s Safari. Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, launched last year to block cookies that don’t have a first-party link to the user, has been a nuisance to Facebook, which has relied on third-party cookies to match website events from Apple’s Safari users, measure conversions, optimise performance and build audience segments. 

Mozilla has said it plans to debut a similar functionality in Firefox, while Microsoft and Google have launched first-party cookie tools to help marketers continue ad and analytics tracking in Safari, according to Ad Exchanger.

Going Forward

Facebook won’t necessarily require businesses or advertisers to use the new first-party cookie solution, however if businesses decided not to use it, their reporting and metrics about marketing campaigns will be less detailed, thus not truly showing if their campaign has worked well. 

If you want to start using the first-party tracking now, you can enable this under your business manager tool, or it will be changed by default on the 24th October. You can also disable it or enable it at anytime you wish. If you do enable it, be aware that you will need to update your websites privacy policy accordingly.

Future Thinking

One of the main reasons browsers started blocking third-party cookies, was because of ‘spammy’ marketing. Users were becoming frustrated with excessive re-marketing ads. Re-marketing is a really valuable tool that many of us use, but you need to use it responsibly. Run your ads in short bursts and keep it creative, interesting and fresh.

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