Making the most from Instagram Stories:

You can now promote your Instagram Story with ads. Stories are still increasing business and brands reach dramatically. With people now choosing to spend their time on Instagram just viewing stories instead of scrolling the feed, and research revealing that 39% of Instagram users have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Instagram Stories ( Facebook IQ: Digital Research and Insights).

This is where businesses need to rethink their marketing plans and make sure they are covering all bases, to ensure they are getting the most eyes on their content.

Story Tips:

#1 – 15 second limit per story

#2 – Speed up stories to capture your audeiences attention

#3 –  Remember a call to action in your story

#4 – Utilise the swipe up feature if you have it on your Instagram account.


The ‘promote’ for Instagram Stories, will allow you to target your audience in terms of location, people, places or interests. It will also allow you to target followers, which are similar to your followers, which is very similar to Facebook’s lookalike audience targeting option.

If you want any help with your stories, from how to create them, headlines or promoting them our inbox is always open to help.

Amy x