Using Pinterest’s New Ads Feature:

Pinterest has released a new type of ad format called carousel ads. The ad feature will be on the home feed, related pin section ad and depending on targeting in the search results too.

You may have seen the carousel features on Pinterest already. They handpicked a few businesses to test the feature first. CoverGirl was one of them – the ads increased their brand awareness by 3.8% and they saw a 6.1% in ad awareness.

If you are unfamiliar with a carousel, it is a range of different cards that can show a different image, heading title, description and landing page. Where the image also moves in the home feed etc, you will be getting more eyes on your content.

Coming into the holiday season, if you are already using Pinterest to sell your products, it will be a great way to do testing of this new feature and see what returns you get from carousel ads.

If you have a business account on Pinterest,  you will also be able to boost traffic conversion as well as brand awareness in the platform too.

As with all social media, it’s always best to test what is working well for your business, look at what strategy you need to know if that is where you audience is. Pinterest isn’t always going to be the perfect solution for marketing all businesses. 

Amy x