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Autopilot Your Business The Dubsado Way


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Autopilot your business with Dubsado

You’re a business owner who is literally wearing all the hats, and there will become a time when you physically, and mentally cannot survive, or grow your business. Everything comes to a bottleneck, either you are too busy, which is a great ‘problem’ to have, or you’re still desperately trying to build your business and improve its cash flow, but the problem you have, is that you are losing potential clients, as you have no system in place, that’s where Dubsado can truly help.

What I know about Dubsado

From working with a whole range of clients, this is a problem that both entrepreneurs with small businesses to Directors of large businesses, making six figures a year have. Depending on what your business model is you can either hire a Virtual Assistant to help, or you can move digitally, or even use both together. All will have great rewards, but the option I am talking about right now, is digitally autopiloting your business…. yes there really is such a thing. I know you are thinking, ‘so now I could have some free time, get more work done, actually think about having a holiday?! ‘And I know that, as that’s where I was in my business!

So, what is this digital savior… it’s Dubsado! Dubsado has allowed me to put a whole range of systems in place. From lead capture forms to sending out swanky proposals, payments to clients, and even helping me schedule zoom calls, for my clients that literally span the globe. I could not live without Dubsado in my business. Dubsado is what’s called a CRM, which is a ‘Customer Relationship Management’ tool. There are many others out there, but not many give you the freedom and creative edge, to make your business stand out as much as Dubsado does (in my opinion).

Dubsado v’s other CRM’s

I signed up for free trials of many, including one of the largest ‘SalesForce’, ‘Hubspot’ and one of the closest competitors to Dubsado, which is ’17Hats’. But Dubsado won me through for a number of reasons, and one of the main ones being it’s impeccable customer support, it is literally second to none! Another huge factor for me is that Dubsado doesn’t stand still, where other CRM’s, don’t add many new features, Dubsado is constantly listening to its users, taking feedback and actually implementing it, for me that’s a huge winner! For instance, since I have been using it, they have enabled me to place a lead capture form on my website and brought in a scheduler, so I now don’t need to pay the guys at ’10to8′ a scheduling fee each month.

Testing it out in your business

I think it’s so important to test if systems will work in yor business, before you fully commit. So whether it’s scheduling appointments, organising leads successfully, sending proposals or taking payments, I would see if you think Dubsado is suitable for you. Dubsado doesn’t offer a 15-day free trial, it’s better, it gives you the opportunity to upload 3 clients and use all features, you don’t need to add any credit card details. You only pay a monthly fee for any more than 3 clients. I think this is a great way of really testing if it is going to be suitable for you. Check it out here and see what you think for your self, and I’d love to know what you think of Dubsado too:


p.s. yes, that is an affiliate link, it doesn’t cost you anything to click it, but it may mean I would receive a small amount of commission, for recommending their service.

If you want any help with your Dubsado, from how to set it up, or utilising the platform, my inbox is always open to help.

Amy x


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